The Rescue Band

Have you watched a small fire turn into red hot coals? Pastor Donovan Coley (CEO Rescue Mission) saw this small “Fire” that started 27 yrs ago when I started preaching & leading worship at The Rescue Mission and he called me into his office and said, “Randy, whatever's happening inside The Rescue Mission, whatever’s going on is like a mini revival happening right here inside The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission! Can we bring this "fire", this preaching, all these Testimonies and all the Praise and Worship music out to our Community so that they can experience Jesus Christ?"
I responded with, “Why don't we see what the Lord Jesus wants us to do?”
AND HERE WE ARE! The Lord Jesus has opened so many doors!
And we’re bringing the “FIRE” out to the community and doing Benefit Concert Drives all for the benefit of the homeless at The Rescue Mission and the glory of JESUS CHRIST!

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