Dallas & Doug Show

Dallas Fike inherited the gift of music very young, getting his start professionally at the age of 14 playing piano/keyboards with a show band out of Toledo, Ohio called Interstate County. Traveling across the U.S. opening concerts with the stars of Hee Haw in the late 70’s for such famous musicians as Marty Robbins, Ronnie Stoneman, The Heager Twins and many more.

Regionally from 1985 – 1990 as the keyboardist with Overlynd Express, then from 1990 through– 2002 with the band, Roughshod.

Now, half of the Dallas & Doug Show Duo as well as part of the New Trio UC3, including Doug Kannel and John Forbing.

Doug Kannel of Edon Ohio has been playing percussion and as a vocalist professionally since the age of 16 in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Performing with Ft. Wayne based bands such as the Close Range and Triple Shot. While living in Florida he has performed with Flynnville Train at the Country Concert in the Hills in Ft. Laramie, Ohio. He has showcased for RCA records with other up and coming artists as well as performing in Detroit, Indy, and Cincinnati.

Currently Doug is half of the Dallas & Doug Show Duo performing at local wineries and around the lakes in Northeast Indiana as well as performing in venues in the Bryan and Defiance, Ohio area. Doug is also part of the New Trio UC3 with Dallas Fike & John Forbing.


Dallas Fike 260-897-3575, Doug Kannel 419-212-4368


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