Chris and Jenna

Chris & Jenna are singer-songwriters whose marriage has been forged from redemption, and it is redemption they sing into the dark. Their indie-pop songs craft words of hope and doubt alike, with an undercurrent that the fear and despair of a dying world might one day be made all the more beautiful in spite of, or perhaps because of its pain. Chris's punk rock roots meet Jenna's folk and jazz background in a unified sound that has been fleshed out through their time together. They power through tightly woven harmonies over piano, guitar, ukulele, and bells on both their original tunes and their unique arrangements of cover songs.

Waiting to Begin is the duo's sophomore effort, featuring ten songs penned from the tension of keeping faith in a time that seems faithless. The record opens with tongue-in-cheek pop rock cries for truth, and it progresses through ballads and uptempo songs that each reflect a longing for a true home and a day promised but as yet unknown. The album released in May 2014.

The couple have spent the last few years traveling from their home in northern Maryland to coffee houses, clubs, churches, festivals, and living rooms, sharing precious moments of music and community with all whom they meet. In addition to shows focused on their original music, they lead corporate worship for church services and events through a mix of contemporary songs, new arrangements of traditional hymns, and worship songs they have written. They often partner in ministry with The Remedy [Worship], a full-band musical worship leading collective. Chris & Jenna's heart for people extends to social justice issues, leading them to give all of the proceeds from sales of their first album, How the Fall Makes You Feel, to Compassion International.


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