Charla Rainey and Jessica Whorley

charla-raineyCharla Rainey is a folk singer with a blue grass tinge and a worship leader with a tribal feel. Charla has been writing and recording since 1992. Originally from Dallas, TX and now residing in Nashville, TN, she has a heart to see human trafficking abolished and broken lives restored. 

jessica-whorleyOriginally from Chicago, Jessica Whorley is a now local singer/songwriter with an edgy, raw, folksy sound and lyrics often based on God encounters and the sharp, living, and active Word of God. Some stylistic influences are Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morrisette, and Sinead O’Connor from the Cranberries. Her heart is to see the big C Church in unity, and to be the holy, joyful, warrior Bride we were called to be. 

Charla and Jessica met in Nashville the fall of 2009, and their hearts and sounds instantly became united for their familiar beat. On October 31st,, 2014, they will reunite to share both their individual sounds, and their unique fusion.

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