Brandon Wadley

I am a singer/songwriter who just moved to Indianapolis from East Tennessee with my wife. Since 2009 I've been playing basements, coffeeshops, house shows, colleges, and living rooms and recording and producing my original material on a mid-90s portable digital multi-tracker. I am passionate about sharing my music personally with people who want to believe in hope and goodness, which I believe is found in Jesus. Songwriting is one of life's most beautiful sources of connection and goodness and I use it to speak about my life- struggles, joys, disappointments, searching, and hope, aiming toward a goal of sharing these stories with as many people as possible for as long as possible in a profoundly personal way.

My sound is rooted in acoustic folk music, indie/punk rock, and even centuries-old hymn writers, using guitar, banjo, mandolin, and piano, and other instruments to communicate that diverse and ever growing dynamic. I’ve played many coffee shops, college campus venues, churches, pubs, youth groups, living rooms, and basement house shows, accompanied by my wife and a friend or two on drums, violin, bass, and so forth. I play my original songs from albums I’ve recorded, including “In the Morning” (2014) and “The Listening Room” (2013). My hope is to keep moving forward in establishing myself as a writer and musician toward one day making a sustained living performing and recording music.

As a young songwriter from East Tennessee now living in Indianapolis, Indiana, actively pursuing a career in music through performance and recording is challenging and exciting. My songs provide a point of connection between me, the listeners, and the atmosphere it is performed in because these songs are ones that have made sense and challenged me, making performance a way to grow alongside my audience in real time. These songs speak truth that is vital to our ever-growing culture, with a voice that asks questions that everyone has but no one can explore alone.


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