Aaron Long

Musician, Songwriter, Food Enthusiast, Traveler. Being an active and outgoing kid, as Aaron grew up he knew that a typical nine-to-five desk job was not what he was being called to. Being rooted and established in a Christian home, and having had re-dedicated his life to the Lord in his late teens, Aaron began pursuing worship leading… not as his “profession” per say, but as his God-given calling. God placed the passion and the desire within Aaron and from that demanded that Aaron let his life be offered as an instrument used by God for His own spectacular glory.

Aaron began his personal ministry by working and leading in various small group and youth group settings. He went to Master’s Commission Clarksville for two years ( where he was able to study and grow not only in his personal relationship with the Lord, but as a worship leader and teacher. Whether it be churches, local events, schools, or nonprofits, Aaron has toured both nationally and internationally to bring the good word of Jesus to the people of various nations and backgrounds. His desire has never been to become rich or famous… but to simply see all of God’s people come to know the true love of their Savior in a way that will drastically and radically change their hearts and point their souls towards heaven.

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